Our Bibliography in APA format.

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A look into the history of Jazz in contemporary American Culture

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An article discussing the reasons some comic books are considered literature.

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A blog about the comic book Chew, another adult comic book.

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A woman’s personal list of 8 books she thinks would be effective as comic books and her reasoning.

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An article discussing how classical books are being remade into comic books, and the pro’s & con’s.

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An article summarizing the rising age of comic book readers.

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An important article about the politics and actions taken by Pekar’s family in perserving his book.

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An article in The Telegraph on the literary merit of comic books.

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The basis and primary source for this project.

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A quick interview with Shamray on his relationship with Pekar and what it meant to him as a creative collaborator.

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Harvey Pekar’s obituary in The Telegraph.

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The ‘about’ page for Vertigo, an offshoot of DC Comics.


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